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The Siberian city Omsk

Photos and short notes from my life about wonderful Siberian city Omsk.

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Location: Omsk, Russia

Friday, August 04, 2006

A small chapel in the central part of Omsk

A small chapel in the central part of Omsk.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going to be in Omsk next week and have already been there before twice. How is the wheather like?
Any good tipps for the evening entertainment?

7:32 PM  
Blogger ebay-fraud-guy said...

Well the weather is sucks today. It's rainy and cold here.

What type of time spending you like? I can recommend some places.

My email is nick -at- zerohops dot com

9:55 PM  
Blogger photo-effe said...

before I tink that Omsk was only a old russian industrial town

great pictures


8:54 AM  
Blogger ebay-fraud-guy said...

Thank you for warm words, Fabrizio. I visited your site and really impressed with your works and number of interesting places and countries you have been.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous racquel said...

I find the architectural details of this chapel in Omsk interesting. They remind me of the Casablanca Cathedral and the Hassan II Mosque I visited during my Moroccan sojourn. Are there other religious infrastructure in your city?

8:58 AM  

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